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We are a full-service package and product testing company with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona. We also provide expert package design and package engineering services, as well as turnkey product packaging, to customers worldwide.


If you manufacture, assemble, and/or ship a product that can be damaged enroute to its destination, you can benefit from the type of service we provide.

We design, package test or product test, and certify the reliability of that all-important package that you use to ship your product. We squeeze it, vibrate it, expose it to temperature and altitude extremes (environmental test), pull it, drop test it–do whatever it takes to ensure, in advance, that the product inside will arrive safely, and in tact.

Our lab is equipped with a wide-range of environmental simulators and equipment so that we can run the following tests and meet their exacting standards:
  • DOT Test
  • ASTM Test
  • ISTA Test
  • IMO Test
  • UN Test
Note that if you have a standard protocol not listed on our site then we can provide a quote for that service.

Our goal is to determine, under simulated conditions, what stress factors (if any) can cause damage to your package/product. Then, through designing or redesigning the package (if needed), we provide solutions that prevent damage from occuring.

gh Testing of Cincinnati successfully passed the ISO/IEC 17025 Audit performed by ACLASS on Tuesday, August 6, 2002. For more information on ACLASS and the accreditation process, please visit them at www.aclasscorp.com or call 877-344-3044.