logogh Package and Product Testing thanks you for you support and business during these unprecedented and ever-changing times. We have hope and expectations that things will return to near normal in the immediate future.

During the current Covid-19 period we have been providing essential services needed for many critical industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, dangerous goods (hazardous materials) transportation, retail and defense. While we are considered a critical manufacturer as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, we fully expect to be able to meet your testing needs as we move into May and June. Please review your upcoming needs to assure that we can accommodate you into our schedule.

gh has a safe environment and the health of our employees and customers remains our top priorities. We will continue to utilize practices recommended by the CDC including but not limited to thorough hand washing, frequent use of hand sanitizers, social distancing and daily temperature checks.

We will also now limit foot traffic in our building and minimize personal interaction for the foreseeable future. Customers are requested to remain outside our building while employees load or unload vehicles. It is also recommended that customers call us before arriving at our facility.

We sincerely appreciate all customers and will continue to serve you during these difficult times. For immediate assistance, you can reach us at corr@ghtesting.com or call 513-870-0080 extension 108 for drop offs.

We will get through this situation in the next few months and will hopefully be back to our full-service testing business as usual. Again, thank you for your business and confidence in gh Package and Product Testing.

Perry Hock
President and Technical Director