Did You Know UN Packaging requires Recertification?

Did you know that any receptacle and components or materials necessary for the receptacle to perform its containment function in conformance with the United Nations (UN) specifications needs re-certification annually if it is a single pack or every two years if it is a combination pack?

1) This type of packaging must be re-certified according to a national competent authority (gh Testing preferred) by design qualification testing in accordance with UN standards. This will ensure the packaging is appropriate for the carriage of dangerous goods.

2) Combination packaging means a combination of packaging for transport purposes, consisting of one or more inner packs secured in an outer package in accordance with the applicable regulations (IATA/ICAO, IMDG, 49CFR, TDGR etc.)

3) Single packaging are packages which do not require any inner packaging in order to perform their containment function.

It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that any combination or composite packs being shipped are re-certified every two years. Single packs must be re-certified every year.

Now is the time to contact gh Package & Product Testing and Consulting, Inc. to arrange a time to have your UN Packaging re-certified. This is an easy and inexpensive process versus having your packaging fail in shipment.

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